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Verification of Boutiques
Verification of Boutiques
Authenticity Guarantee
Authenticity Guarantee
Authenticity Guarantee
We guarantee the authenticity of every new and used watch listed on WinderApp, with our dealers obligated to verify the originality of each timepiece they list; nevertheless, if any concerns arise, you have a 10-day window from the delivery date to reach out to our support team for a full refund.
Verification of Watch Boutiques
All the watch boutiques verified licensed businesses with address, and tax number, we require all dealers to follow our strict dealer guidelines before they can list items for sale on our platform.
Payment via WinderApp's Secure Escrow Service
With the WinderApp's Escrow Service, your payment is entirely protected, as we securely hold your funds in escrow up to 14 days following the watch's delivery, giving you the peace of mind to thoroughly review your purchase before releasing the payment to the dealer.
Insured Shipping
Our Verified watch boutiques ship every order completely insured, making all the transactions risk-free.

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We're excited to introduce our investment opportunity. In the world of luxury watches, we re here to make a profound change. Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to become the number one centralized marketplace defined by transparency, authenticity, and seamless transactions. The luxury watch market has been waiting for innovation...

Baran Kara

Founder / CEO

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