Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this mobile application?

Winder connects secondary market watch dealers and provide them with a platform to list their inventory, request information from each other, and auction their watches. It aims to facilitate efficient communication, streamline the buying and selling process, and enhance the overall experience for watch dealers in the secondary market.

How does the application connect secondary market watch dealers?

Winder connects secondary market watch dealers through a centralized platform where they can interact and engage with each other. It provides a secure and dedicated space for dealers to list their inventory, communicate, and participate in auctions. The application may offer features such as dealer profiles, messaging systems, search functionality, and notifications to facilitate connections and networking among dealers. By creating a digital marketplace, the application enables dealers to connect, collaborate, and engage in transactions within the secondary market watch industry.


What features does the application offer to dealers?

-Inventory Listing: Dealers can list their watches for sale, providing details such as brand, model, condition, price, and additional information.

-Auction Functionality: Dealers can auction their watches, setting a starting bid, auction duration, and allowing bids from other dealers.

-Communication Tools: The application provides messaging functionality, allowing dealers to communicate with each other, inquire about watches, negotiate prices, and discuss transactions.

-Search and Filter: Dealers can search for specific watch models, brands, or other criteria to find relevant listings. They can also use filters to refine search results based on price range, condition, or other parameters.

-Notifications: Dealers receive notifications about new inventory listings, auction updates, messages from other dealers, and important platform announcements.

-Dealer Profiles: Each dealer has a dedicated profile where they can showcase their expertise, display contact information, and provide additional details about their business.

-Transaction Management: The application may offer tools to manage and track transactions, including invoicing, shipping information, and order history.

-Ratings and Reviews: Dealers can provide feedback and ratings for their transactions, helping establish trust and reputation within the community.

-Analytics and Insights: The application may provide analytics and insights on inventory performance, auction outcomes, and other relevant metrics to help dealers make informed decisions.

-Customer Support: Dealers can access customer support within the application to seek assistance, resolve issues, or get answers to their questions.

Can dealers set up auctions for their watches? How does the auction feature work?

-Auction Setup: Dealers initiate the auction process by selecting the watch they want to auction and setting the starting bid price. They may also define the auction duration, which can range from a few hours to several days.

-Bidding: Other dealers on the platform can view the auction listing and place bids on the watch. Bidding is usually done by entering the bid amount on the auction page.

-Bid Notifications: When a new bid is placed, the auction system typically sends notifications to both the seller and the bidders, keeping them informed about the current highest bid.

-Automatic Bidding: Some auction systems may offer automatic bidding functionality. This allows bidders to set a maximum bid they are willing to place, and the system automatically increases their bid incrementally to maintain their position as the highest bidder, up to their maximum bid amount.

-Bid Increments: Auctions often have predetermined bid increment rules to ensure fair bidding. These rules specify the minimum amount by which each new bid must exceed the previous one.

-Auction End: Once the auction duration expires, the highest bidder at that time wins the auction. The seller is notified of the winning bid, and the auction is considered closed.

-Transaction Completion: After the auction ends, the seller and the winning bidder proceed with the transaction, including finalizing the sale price, payment, and any other necessary details. The platform may provide tools to facilitate the transaction, such as generating invoices or providing secure payment options.

Are there any fees or commissions associated with listing inventory or participating in auctions?

Currently we do not have any commission fee associated with any transactions.

How does the application ensure the security and authenticity of the watches being listed?

Authenticity of watches is up to dealers verification at the time of purchase. We do not guarantee nor take liability for authenticity since we do not involve in any sales.

Is there a rating or review system for dealers on the platform?

Yes, dealers will be able to review each other after collaborating in business.

Is there a notification system to alert dealers about new listings, auction updates, or messages?

Yes, if you add the watch you are looking for under the WTB tab, you will be notify as soon as any dealers list the watch you are looking for.

Is there customer support available for dealers if they encounter any issues or have questions?

Yes, you can message us on WhatsApp number that is designated with in your region.